Wadi Dogs Change Team Name


To the Team and the larger Wadi Dog community:

Today we are announcing the end of one era and the beginning of another. For many years now, the Oman Wadi Dogs have played hockey in Muscat and the UAE and we have won a few, lost here and there but always had a good time. The team has been built on a foundation of good times and good hockey as well as an approach to welcome anyone who wants to come out and play.

We have also been a part of the developing hockey scene in Oman for national players over the years with some coaching help, material support and exhibition games against the Oman local team. Over time and through lots of hard work, the Oman team has gained the much needed support of the Ministry of Sports Affairs to begin the formal development of the sport in Oman.

Now, because of this collaboration, we want to start a new chapter in our involvement with Oman ice hockey. Part of that effort is to join up with the national players to form tournaments and a domestic league for regular competitive games. To kick off this new era in Oman hockey, we have changed our team name to the Oman Timberwolves, as a request from the ministry of sports to match the new logo and jersey sets we have and to make sure we can help market the sport of ice hockey to the local communities here.

So, join us to support ice hockey in Oman and the development of the best sport on earth!

Go Timberwolves!